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  • 2019-10-01

    Many metaphors may be used to describe life and one that I love is about viewing oneself as the driver of one’s life. As any journey, you have a destination to go to. Life destination is often seen as a place where happiness, serenity, development, love are present. Life destination is actually whatever we as humans want and desire. It becomes thus essential that each and one of you has some understanding of one’s desires and wants, even if the actual destination may change on the way. Considering one destination, the question is how to drive there

    First, we have to follow roads and traffic instructions. We are not free to do all we want. Secondly, some drives brand new luxury cars and some drives used small cars making the quality of the journey different. Beside these two conditions, the process of driving the car is the same for all of us. In life this is the same. First, the societal values guide what is socially possible and not possible. Second we have different resources making our life journey different. Above all we are equal in front of the processes of living. In fact, as the proverb says “all roads leads to Rome”, there many possibility to drive towards your final destination and thus many ways to reach happiness, serenity, development, and love. It is essential for you to find and develop your ways.

    Sometimes, you may plan your journey ahead, and sometimes you may just drives where the wind takes you. This is the same with life. Some of us plan their working life, their career path. Some plan their family life by deciding when they may or may not want getting married or may or may not want children. Some of us are however freer and more spontaneous and take opportunities when they come. In other terms, they turn when they see a nice new road coming. We are just different so drive your life as you want and be authentic to yourself.

    Sometimes, you are alone in your car and on the road so that can go wherever you want and the way you want. Sometimes you have other cars around so that you depend and must care of them. Sometimes you have passengers in your car who want to stop visit something that you do not want, or want you to go faster, or want to change roads. This is the same in life. Some of us can feel free to decide at some moments of their life. At other moments, we have to care about others’ way to live even if they are not our ways. We sometimes take decision in relation to people who are part of our life, namely our family, our colleagues, our friends and more. All in all, we have to be attentive towards others and adapt with others so that together we reach a harmonious way to live with no “accident”.

    As I started this blog, there are many ways to look at life, and for me the metaphor of “being the drivers of one’s life” is interesting to explore. In that regards, my role of coach is be a work-life driver instructor and guide you in reflecting and learning about the rules, the pace, the style of driving that enable you to drive safe so that in turn everyone can feel safe in life and reach their life destination.