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  • Workshops to initiate your learning & development about work-life & leadership

    Workshops are dedicated to anyone wishing to get inspired about work-life & leadership well as those longing for change but not knowing where to start. Their aim is to provide initial tools for reflection and learnings about work-life and leadership development. Workshops touch upon 3 questions. 1)How is your work-life today?  2)What is balance for you?  3)What is your dream work-life puzzle of tomorrow and what do you need to reach it?

    To strength this taste, participants are offered free coaching after the workshop

    The number of participants is limited (never more than 15). Workshops are offered in various places and countries as well as online.

    Workshops can be offered as breakfast meeting for networks or small group kick-off meeting, just contact me.

    1h30-2h00 Workshop – Work-life puzzling: how to make it happen?

    This workshop enables is a kick-off into your life puzzle and your view on how to make it happen. This experiential co-active workshop make in simple ways you reflect on what is your current balance and what could be made to take a next step. This workshop is an eye-opener on life puzzling


    2h30-3h00 Workshop – On the path towards sustainable work-life balance

    This workshop enables you to increase your self-awareness about your life puzzle and the extent to which it is harmonious. This experiential co-active workshop is designed to stimulate your thinking, feeling, views and knowledge about your life-puzzle so that you may reflect on your current and future work-life puzzle. At the end of this workshop, you can take a first step towards a sustainable work-life balance.


    4 hours – Value-based Life Puzzling

    This workshop focuses on how you can use your values to better create and manage your life-puzzle in an harmonious and in alignment with who you are. This experiential co-active workshop is designed to stimulate your thinking, feeling, views and knowledge about your personal values esssential when trying to balance once’s life. At the end of this workshop, you should get a compass to better create your life-puzzle in your own terms. 

    Free webinars to share perspectives of work-life & leadership

    Webinars (online) aim to those wishing to get inspiring perspectives on work-life & leadership. Their aim is to provide participants with initial ideas for reflection about work-life and leadership development. To strength this taste of transformation, participants are offered free coaching after the webinar.

    Webinars are offered via Zoom.

    Webinars can be offered as breakfast meeting for networks or small group kick-off meeting, just contact me.

    What is the balance of life and life puzzle?

    The so-called life puzzle is life in its entirety; a combination of different spheres of life, such as family life, work life and private life. In this webinar we go through these concepts together.

    My life puzzle in a remote & digital context

    Working remotely and digitally effects how our different activities can now be integrated and/or segmented. How can I adapt ? Shall I adapt? Is remote and digital context an opportunity or a constraint to my life puzzle. In this webinar we go through these questions together.

    My life puzzle in VUCA world

    The VUCA world that is to the Volatity, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity that we are living in affect altogether our life puzzle and balance. What can I or should I do? How can I handle this VUCA world ? What can I or shall I use as compass in such moving world? In this webinar we go through these questions together.

    My life puzzle – from integration to segmentation

    However, creating a life balance between their spheres of life can be more difficult than we think when we live in an increasingly boundless society. Individuals appear to have three main ways of managing their life puzzles and setting boundaries: 1) Spheres of life can be integrated (fused), 2) segmented (split), or 3) a mix of integration and segmentation. How does your life puzzle work? In this webinar we go through these concepts together.

    What do I want and what can I do to reach my life balance?

    Since we are all different and unique, it can be difficult to choose which advice, guides or ready-made solutions to choose. Managing your life puzzle can therefore be demanding. What do you need to develop to achieve your harmonious life puzzle? This is what we can discuss during this webinar.

    I listen to my feelings to learn more about my life puzzle and my life balance

    To manage their life puzzle, it is important to listen inward and to understand how emotions are linked to life balance, life conflict and calculation. However, listening to their feelings is fundamental to moving forward in their own development and towards their balance of life. We will therefore delve into this during this webinar

    Genuine and heroic leadership for life balance

    Leadership and life balance are a relevant combination to create a sustainable, compassionate, authentic and healthy organization. Leadership begins with you and your inner self. Who are you? What are your driving forces? In addition, leadership is created in relationship with others as you lead them. How well is this in your leadership with who you are? How authentic are you in your leadership? All in all, leadership involves leading oneself and leading others and doing both genuinely and heroically. Being genuine and heroic in turn influences how you can achieve your life balance.

    Living your values ​​fully to reach your life balance

    Many books in stress management emphasize the importance of having clear, clear goals for the day, week and month, year, career and life to create planning and take control. However, Management-by-Objectives (MBO) is not the principle mechanism for work-life balance. Achieving balance and harmony is somewhat complicated and it is difficult to act as rationally as would be required with MBO. How can you direct your actions towards your life balance and harmony, which is your moral compass? The answer is your values. Value-based self-leadership (VbSL) enables us to bring humanity back to our lives and allows us to be comfortable with who we are and what we do. This webinar addresses issues in this area.

    Towards value-driven HR and organization

    While company policies may be similar, a company’s values ​​are completely unique. Compared to traditional management systems, it is important to be value-driven in order to make a difference within and outside your organization. What are your organization’s values? How do they match your employees’ values? How do you use your organizational and employee values ​​to guide your organization? Take the chance to learn a little more about value-driven leadership during this webinar.

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