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  • Accompanying you in making your life puzzle harmonious

    For you and for many of us, a balanced combination of work, family life, social and private life is a key to motivation, commitment, innovation, creativity, health, vitality, energy and achievement. This is about a harmony between all life activities, the so-often-mentioned life puzzle. Reaching an effective life puzzle and life balance depend on the interaction between the expectations in and out of work, as well as everyday strategies to integrate. You may feel that it is demanding to develop your life puzzle and to seek balance harmoniously. You read about “advices”, “guides” or “solutions” but these do not work.

    As coach, my objective is to accompanying any individuals in being the authentic, courageous, knowledgeable and heroic leader of their work-life balance and leadership.

    Work-life one-to-one coaching

    Work-life one-to-one coaching considers that we are all different and unique. We all have different numbers of pieces, with diverse shapes and sizes. We all have different and unique ways to look at the whole and at the harmony of the puzzle… This renders the puzzling of our life unique to each and one of us. Therefore,  work-life one-to-one coaching explores your life pieces, their roles one towards each other, their shapes, their development. Work-life one-to-one coaching explores how you wish to combine them as well how you do currently combine and them.

    Via work-life one-to-one coaching, you get a personalized attention as you are at the centre to get empowered in becoming the heroic leader or even hero of your life puzzle.


    Select your coaching programme

    3-month: 1 discovery session, 6 sessions & 1 closing session

    6-month: 1 discovery session, 12 sessions & 1 closing session

    9-month: 1 discovery session, 18 sessions, 1 mid-session & 1 closing session

    12-month: 1 discovery session, 24 sessions, 1 mid-session & 1 closing session


    The discovery session (1,5 hour) maps out your current life situation, experiences, thoughts, purposes and objectives for a harmonious life-puzzle.

    Sessions (45 min) take place every two weeks and include personal reflections and challenges to stimulate your journey towards your harmonious life-puzzle.

    The closing (and mid) session (1 hour) enables to get perspectives on your journey to enable you to go forward.

    My five engagements as coach

    1-Asking provocative questions enabling you to reflect, increase your self-awareness, get new perspectives about yourself in your harmonious life-puzzle,

    2-Challenging and stimulating your transformative journey while increasing your humanistic knowledge about your “authentic self” and “authentic life”,

    3-Providing structure and focus needed for you to stay in action and get empowered in making your life happening for the creation of your harmonious life-puzzle,

    4-Respecting your individuality and uniqueness to enable you growing to be your own courageous and heroic leader in your life and life-puzzle,

    5-Adapting our learning relationship to your pace so that we together tackle the challenges in the journey to your heroic self, meaningful well-being and harmonious life-puzzle.

    Getting to know Jean-Charles

    as a person, researcher, assistant professor, coach and entrepreneur


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