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  • Tailoring your courses in work-life and leadership

    Provide unique learning opportunities to your leaders, employees and your organisation

    Due to my knowledge of and experience in leadership as well as work-life research but also due to my extensive pedagogical skills accumulated during years in universities, I am well armed to develop your leadership and work-life capabilities in your organisations. A tailored course is not only about the specific selection of the course content but it is also about the delivery of the courses that must be adapted to participants.

    Design your UNIQUE CONTENT

    Each tailored course starts with an “initial leadership and work-life review” (ILWLR) or a “cultural transformation assessment” (CT)

    The ILWLR is performed together and enable define what exactly is needed for you and your participants

    Design your UNIQUE FORMAT

    Based on your ILWLR and/or CT, we may look at the length and the pace of your tailored courses. Length and the pace are decided with you to best suit your needs, your possibilities and your constraints.  For example, your ILWLR enables to identify 3 themes as well a need of individual deepening. We may agree to develop a course over 10 weeks as shown here.

    Courses may be offered in your facilities, online or in remote places (extra cost).

    Courses are often developed for 10 to 15 participants in one group to ensure quality in interaction. Several groups can be designed to enable more participants.

    Combine Discussion and Coaching

    To reach an efficient in depth also multi-perspective learning shall engage participants to become co-active and co-producer in the course. For that, every course is designed with a mix of group discussions and individual coaching.

     Via group co-active discussions, participants share different views  so that the team and the organisation can develop a better individual and organisational understanding of issues in focus. Participants engage in relevant and vibrant group discussions and interactions to open and stimulate their thinking, feelings, emotions, views and knowledge.

     Via individual coaching, each participant reflects about his/her knowledge, understanding as well as thinking patterns. Each participant discovers his/her areas to develop in lines with the course objectives




    Getting to know & Contacting Jean-Charles

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