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    Being the courageous & heroic leader in your life

    Why starting individual coaching?

    Individual coaching is developed for anyone craving for support in the development of their life-puzzle. Work-life coaching releases individuals’ resources to take a conscious and heroic role on the development of their life puzzle. Individual coaching offers you a safe and reflective time and space for increasing your self-awareness and knowledge about your aspired life puzzle and its realisation. It is also developed for giving you multiple perspectives about your life situations. The ultimate goal of individual coaching is to help you discover your inner resources needed to handle life and shape the life puzzle that you are craving for.

    Take a step today, start your transformative journey towards being genuine & heroic leaders of your own harmonious life-puzzle

    My five engagements

    1-Asking provocative questions enabling you to reflect, increase your self-awareness, get new perspectives about yourself in your harmonious life-puzzle,

    2-Challenging and stimulating your transformative journey while increasing your humanistic knowledge about your “authentic self” and “authentic life”,

    3-Providing structure and focus needed for you to stay in action and get empowered in making your life happening for the creation of your harmonious life-puzzle,

    4-Respecting your individuality and uniqueness to enable you growing to be your own courageous and heroic leader in your life and life-puzzle,

    5-Adapting our learning relationship to your pace so that we together tackle the challenges in the journey to your heroic self, meaningful well-being and harmonious life-puzzle.

    Select your coaching programme

    3-month: 1 discovery session, 6 sessions & 1 closing session

    6-month: 1 discovery session, 12 sessions & 1 closing session

    9-month: 1 discovery session, 18 sessions, 1 mid-session & 1 closing session

    12-month: 1 discovery session, 24 sessions, 1 mid-session & 1 closing session


    The discovery session (1,5 hour) maps out your current life situation, experiences, thoughts, purposes and objectives for a harmonious life-puzzle.

    Sessions (45 min) take place every two weeks and include personal reflections and challenges to stimulate your journey towards your harmonious life-puzzle.

    The closing (and mid) session (1 hour) enables to get perspectives on your journey to enable you to go forward.


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