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    Partager mes connaissances et opinions sur le Puzzle-de-Vie, son Équilibre et son Leadership


    Harmonie vie pro-vie perso
    Puzzle de vie

    Je suis là pour vous

    2020-04-20 Après une longue réflexion, je suis ici pour vous accueillir dans le coaching et pour vous dire: "Je suis là pour vous".

    Get out of the normative straitjacket: Genuinely and authentically EMBRACE yourself

    2019-12-26 New Year, minus 5 days, the waiting time and the waiting feeling. What does it means to expect...

    Follow values and not objectives

    2019-10-10 Many stress management books underline the centrality to defined clear objectives for the day, the week and the month, the year, the careers and life….

    You are the driver of your life

    2019-10-01 Many metaphors may be used to describe life and one that I love is about viewing oneself as the driver of one’s life.