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  • Cultural Transformation Consulting

    Transform your organisation by developing the potential of your employees and organisational values

    Whereas policies can be similar between companies, values are unique to teams and organisations. Being value driven is central to making a difference inside and outside your organisation. Transform your organisation by understanding and transforming your values as lived by people in your organisations.

    Cultural Transformation Tools are proven techniques that enable your organisation to align its culture with its structure and its human resources. Through rigorous, simple and above all uniquely designed questionnaires and cultural assessment, we can spot “gaps” in culture between the individual, group and organisational levels. This offers your organisation a solid ground towards individual as well as organisational development.

    Based on the CTT assessments, we design together your unique and tailored solutions to work on values at the individual, team and organisational level. We also develop a process in training, individual and/or group  coaching that will enable you to fully transform your organisations.


    Getting to know Jean-Charles

    as a person, researcher, assistant professor, coach and entrepreneur


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