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    Stop, Take time & Learn

    Life can be seen as composed of different pieces called life domains such as, work life, private life, family life and social life that shall to fit together in a harmonious life puzzle is complex. Making one’s life puzzle is about leading one’s life, while listening others, reading his/her environment, look for possibilities and taking care of constraints. Life-puzzling is about work-life and leadership and thus all workshop, webinars, online courses, retreats, university courses offered by at JCL Coaching are about work-life, leadership and its combination.



    Courses, Workshops & Retreats are including group discussions and individual coaching

    Via group co-active discussions, participants:

    • share different views about leadership & work-life so that the team and the organisation can develop a better individual and organisational understanding of issues in focus
    • engage in relevant and vibrant group discussions and interactions to stimulate their thinking, feelings, emotions, views and knowledge about leadership & work-life
    • understand and learn to put their own story and experiences in perspective and can learn from others’ story and experienceS

    Via individual coaching, each participant:

    • reflects about his/her current & future leadership, work-life balance and life-puzzle
    • discovers his/her areas to develop to reach a better leadership as well effective work-life favourable to every individual
    • get a deeper knowledge about themselves but also the possibility to take action that are coming form their inner resources

    Courses, Workshops & Retreats are touching upon the following objectives

    • Understand what the harmonious life puzzle individuals dream about is
    • Understand life domains and how these may vary from individual to individual.
    • Understand how the eight elements help individuals to set boundaries or not between life domain
    • Understand the notions of balance, conflict and enrichment
    • Understand how boundary management and appropriate leadership & self-leadership can lead to balance, conflict and enrichment
    • Understand level of control one has over one’s boundary management and why
    • Develop new work-life & leadership strategies and tactics to set relevant boundaries


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