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Life puzzling & Leading: The art & science of one’s life in harmony and one's organisation success

Life can be seen as composed of different pieces called life domains such as, work life, private life, family life and social life that shall to fit together in a harmonious life puzzle is complex. Making one’s life puzzle is about leading one’s life, while listening others, reading his/her environment, look for possibilities and taking care of constraints. Life-puzzling is about work-life and leadership and thus all workshop, webinars, online courses, retreats, university courses offered by at JCL Coaching are about work-life, leadership and its combination.

JCL Coaching’s Vision & Way of Working

JCL Coaching empowers individuals and organisations in their transformative journey towards being genuine and heroic leader for work-life & leadership. To offer individuals and organisations the attention and the focus their deserve, I rely on co-active coaching methods as well as on my research-based work-life model. I finally integrate my vision and my action into the 17 UN Sustainable goals.

About Jean-Charles

As Work-Life Researcher (Ph.D.), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant (CTTC), I, Jean-Charles Languilaire, i.e. JCL, take work-life experiences and work-life balance to the next level. I rely on my values of sharing, caring, learning, knowledge, exploring and authenticity to ultimately empowering and accompanying individuals and organisations in being courageous, fierce, true & knowledgeable leaders during their transformative leadership journey towards their work-life balance.


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