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Starting your transformative journey towards genuine and heroic leadership for work-life balance and value-driven business

I could tell you that the most important resources in organisations are your people, but first this is vague and if you read that it means that you know it… so let’s get to it. I believe that the humanity of people is central and coming from a place where Erasmus spent part of life, I believe strong that humanity and diversity are keys to sustainability. I believe this that the role of organisations and business is to sustain well-being that today is conditioned by experiencing positive work-life and living to fulfil one’s values.

A three-steps co-active consulting model

As business consulting firm, I offer you adapted and holistic consulting services to develop your work-life, leadership and value capital. My consulting services are based on

1) co-active reviewing of your HR, corporate values, leadership systems

2) co-active understanding of your HR and leadership strategies and practices.

3) co-active learning through the development of holistic and unique solutions incorporating individual coaching, group coaching, customized courses and workshops, online courses and adapted keynotes

JCL Coaching’s Vision & Way of Working

JCL Coaching empowers individuals and organisations in their transformative journey towards being genuine and heroic leader for work-life & leadership. To offer individuals and organisations the attention and the focus their deserve, I rely on co-active coaching methods as well as on my research-based work-life model. I finally integrate my vision and my action into the 17 UN Sustainable goals.

About Jean-Charles

As Work-Life Researcher (Ph.D.), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant (CTTC), I, Jean-Charles Languilaire, i.e. JCL, take work-life experiences and work-life balance to the next level. I rely on my values of sharing, caring, learning, knowledge, exploring and authenticity to ultimately empowering and accompanying individuals and organisations in being courageous, fierce, true & knowledgeable leaders during their transformative leadership journey towards their work-life balance.


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