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  • Getting to know Jean-Charles

    as a person, researcher, assistant professor, coach and entrepreneur

    Jean-Charles as a person

    As a person, I am Jean-Charles or most often JC. I am born in France in a small medieval city called Nozeroy I left it for studying that lead me to Sweden in 2001. I never left! Along this long journey, I learned to care about others and also developed to be authentic about myself and authentic in relationships. Caring and authenticity  became central values in my life.

    These values, among others, drive my efforts to make life as composed of my family, my work, my few friends, my dog and house, worth. But I am not claiming that I manage every time. I value mistakes and even if I would love not to repeat them their recurrence is part of their acceptance in this life journey. Today, I enjoy Skåne and my house in Skurup and this is what I can call “my home”…

    Jean-Charles as work-life researcher

    I have a PhD in Business Administration from the Jönköping International Business School (2010), a Master of Business Administration from Karlstad University with a focus on Business Administration and Service Management (2002), and a degree from the Dijon Burgundy Business School in France (2002).

    Since 2002, Work-Life Researcher (Ph.D.), I have focused my research on “work/non-work experiences” which today is called LIFE PUZZLE & WORK-LIFE BALANCE. As a researcher, I am interested in the underlying complex processes behind what, how and why individuals segment and integrate their lives into different life domains to achieve a harmonious and sustainable life.

    Jean-Charles as University Assistant Professsor

    My role as a researcher is linked to my identity as a business adminstrator and university teacher in Leadership, HR and Working Life Issues, Strategic Human Resources, Service Marketing & Management, International Management and Organizational Theory.  In each of these fields I adopt a focus on sustainability.

    Jean-Charles as work-life co-active coach

    After almost two years of difficulties at work with difficult discussions and arguments to defend my professionalism, my values ​​and my reputation, I decided to take a step further in my personal development. Given my research experiences and my deep commitment to work-life balance and leadership, I started in 2017 a Co-Active Coaching education. Now I am finally a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).

    Being a Co-Active coach is central to help you renew your access to your inner resources into a balanced life puzzle. As a Co-Active coach, I strengthen the ability of individuals, employees and future leaders to be the main role in their life puzzle, and support organizations in their transformative journey towards being life balance oriented.

    Jean-Charles as founder of JCL Coaching

    Considering my research background in work-life balance & life puzzle and my experiences teaching business administration, I, as an accredited Co-Active Coach & Advisor, want to take well-being, work-life balance & life puzzlesto the next level for both individuals and organizations. I see organizations and individuals as a whole and therefore ought to transfer my whole knowledge, understanding and values ​​to both through JCL Coaching. Then I completely resigned from my academic positions to start working fully with my own company JCL Coaching on September 1, 2019.

    JCL ‘COACHINGS’ MISSION is that “Work-life balance and Leadership at the centre of sustainable, authentic and humanistic relationships and above all at the centre of our sustainable society”

    JCL Coaching is owned by JCL Humanistic Consulting AB which is registered in Sweden.

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