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  • Co-active coaching for a harmonious and balanced work-life puzzle?

    What is coaching, work-life coaching and co-active coaching?


    Coaching “unlocks a person’s potential to maximise their performance. Coaching helps them to learn rather than teaching them” (International Coaching Community)

    This definition of coaching represents what I give to my coachee. Coaching is about “being with” the coachee to establish a learning environment to uncover one’s inner resources necessary to handle life positive and negative moments. As coach I do not solve problems. I accompany my coachee in their transformative journey along which they are going to disclose mostly to themselves their values, life purposes, life dreams, strengths, weaknesses, constraints, and possibilities that affect their actions forward.

    Work-life coaching

    Work-life coaching could be seen as one form of coaching where the focus is on the connections between working and living as part of so-called life puzzle so often mentioned in todays’ society. But we are all in many different ways and degrees facing challenges in regards to the creation, the development and the management of one’s life puzzle to reach work-life balance and work-life harmony? This is part of our puzzling process to give  our life a whole. We may need support and this is work-life coaching is about

    Therefore, work-life coaching is about focusing on how individuals diversely and uniquely integrate and segment their life domains, while living in their personal, organisational and societal contexts, to achieve sustainable work-life wellbeing, harmony and balance.

    Work-life coaching is just an occasion to write once story and be the main hero of it !

    Co-active coaching

    Co-active coaching is a method utilising various tools for accompanying life changes while putting the coachee in center of the learning process. Co-active coaching focuses on renewing your access to your inner resources. One the one hand, co-active coaching sustains the development of a “connection/relationship” (co) with yourself through reflection and interactions with your coach. It is about BEING. On the other hand, co-active coaching sustains the necessity to take action, be forward, be intentional (active)” in making decisions to advance in your journey. It is about DOING. Last, co-active connects with the use of the hyphen (-), your being with your doing, so that you align who you are with your actions.

    Co-active is about constantly learning on who we are and what do we do to be who we are !


    In work-life co-active coaching, the coachee at the epicenter of his/her transformative journey for a harmonious life puzzle and work-life balance, the coach is behind supporting you.