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  • 2019-09-01

    In 2015, after breaking up a long-term relationship and after having put myself solely into work, I decided change. I “really” settled and bought a countryside house in Sweden to get my life back. I developed a life outside work connecting in authentic way with people around me. I got my dog, my beautiful Enzo. I started to enjoy living in Skåne and close to nature. However, strangely, but surely not without coincidence, my position and stability at work were then put at the test. After almost 2 years of misery at work with difficult discussions and arguments to defend my professionalism, my honor and my reputation, I decided to continue develop. I started Co-Active Coaching training considering my research experience within work-life field since 2001.

    During that co-active journey, I met people with similar values as mine (Sharing, Authenticity, Exploring, Learning, Caring, Knowledge, Loving) and today I feel the love from many of them even if they are geographically far. I have mostly grown from the resources hidden in me since the age of 14, when I tragically lost my father. At the same time as I was started coaching, I suddenly met, at a red traffic light, the person who now is in my heart. No coincidence, just energy that connects…After now 2 years of training and now that I am 41, life turns and shifts. I am finally a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and I resigned from academic work to start working fully for my own JCL Coaching, the 1st of September.

    In short; this was a journey that has brought me Work-Life Harmony, Integration & Balance. This journey brought me lightness and freedom…This is a journey that I ought you to take; Let me help you as work-life coach…