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  • 3-CO: Co-Active 
Coaching & Cooking

    Discovering yourself and finding sources of pleasure: What about co-active coaching discussion while cooking?

    My French and Swedish culinary experiences as well as my passion for food and good ingredients are combined with my coaching skills. 3-CO: co-active coaching & cooking is less about improving your technical culinary skills and more about discovering your values, emotions, creativity, innovative capacities, in other words your hidden resources. When done in a group, the session underlines the centrality of team cooperation and team building using the constraints given in the recipe.

    Co-Active coaching & cooking is about experiencing your whole self while using cooking as a co-active tool. This experiential coaching enables you to reveal parts of yourself harder to access if you were sitting down and just talking. Using the cues in the ingredients, the recipe, the processes and techniques of cooking, we together discover new insights about you. At the same time, we take pleasure in making something together. The practical part of the session, that is to say the cooking, is always simple and adapted, so no worries on that score.

    3-CO session

    A 3-CO session may start with one ingredient of your choice or one given by the coach. It may well start with a recipe of your choice or a recipe selected by the coach. The starting point depends on the intention behind the coaching. Using the ingredients and/or the recipe, the coach and the coachee engage in a co-active discussion. The session ends with the degustation of our co-production and a debriefing of the findings of the session. Feel free to suggest your ingredients or recipe…

    3-CO sessions are offered as:

    • as singel session to test something different
    • as part of business introduction/kick-off packages or be part of private coaching session
    • as part of a coaching programme to enable another kind of learning
    • as part of workshops
    • as face-to-face or remotely



    Select your 3CO

    3-CO session as INDIVIDUAL coaching

    Individual session lasts maximum 3 hours between start and degustation. Timing is mutually agreed

    3-CO session as TEAM building coaching (max 4 people)

    Team session lasts maximum 4 hours between start and degustation. Timing is mutually agreed.


    For individuals or for groups

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